Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to the new website of the Ridley Park Presbyterian Church! Through these pages, we hope you will learn more about God, His plan for your life, and how RPPC and you can work together to serve the Lord. Read on to discover what our website has to offer and how it is organized.

Home Page

Our home page is a jumping off point for the rest of the website. You will immediately notice the big rotating slideshow in the middle of the home page...this slideshow contains photos of our church family and also advertisements for any special events that are coming up. To the right of and underneath that slideshow, you will find some links that will jump you into different key sections of our website.

At the bottom of the home page, you will get a short listing of our most recently updated content and a listing of our upcoming worship services. In the bottom right corner of the home page, and most other pages, you will find a Bible Search form. This feature allows you to search for Scripture passages by chapter and verse or by keyword...all without leaving our website, or even the page you are on!

About Us

The website was first and foremost designed to provide potential RPPC visitors all of the information they need to make their first visit more relaxing and comfortable. This section contains information on our worship services and our location, pictures and descriptions of key staff members so they will see familiar faces when they visit, and answers to some frequently asked questions.


The next section of our website is entitled "Grow." It contains resources to help you grow in your faith by learning about God and inviting Him into your life. It presents the Good News and describes our beliefs as Christians and Presbyterians. It encourages the reading of the Scriptures through daily verses and presents some testimonies of our members so you can read about a living and loving God. This section closes with a listing of resources external to our website that will help you further explore your faith.

Get Involved

The next section is entitled "Get Involved" where we present the importance of Christian service. Through this section, you will learn about the many ways you can serve the Lord through the work of RPPC. From serving on committees, to participating in Worship and the Music Ministries, to our many Children's Ministries, RPPC has many groups and programs that need Christian workers.

What's Happening

The final section of the website is entitled "What's Happening." This section is predominantly meant for existing members and attendees of RPPC. In it, you will find a wealth of information about what's happening within our church community. This section is broken up into the following subsections:

  • News & Events - this section contains important announcements and a listing of featured events. A featured event is something that is out of the ordinary, like a church service at a special time, a congregational meeting, a fellowship event, or a special outreach program.
  • Calendar - this section contains a full calendar of all of the events at RPPC.
  • Photo Albums - this section contains photos of our church family as they serve the Lord and fellowship with one another.
  • Blog - the blog is a section that gives the pastor, our church leaders, and members an opportunity to write about varied topics.
  • News Feed - with all of these different sections of news, you might think it's going to be hard to keep track of what's new. That's why we created the News Feed. This section is a combined listing of all of the announcements, featured events, photo albums, testimonials, and blog articles...all in one place! It gives you a single page to visit to find out what's new and if you are technically savvy, there is even an RSS feed that you can subscribe to in your favorite feed reader. The items in this feed are sorted so newly posted items are at the top. Please note that this listing does not include church events that are not on the featured event list.

Of course, the church has many varied ministries and this can make it difficult to locate the specific news and events that you are interested in. So, in the top right corner of these pages, you will find a drop down list that allows you to specify what ministry you would like to view...everything else will automatically be filtered out! So, if you would just like to see a calendar of worship services, go to the Calendar page and select the Worship ministry...the result looks like this.

Contact Us

Another very important aspect of our church website is the "Contact Us" section. This section contains all of our phone numbers, our email addresses, and forms that allow you to contact us directly via our website. You will find a prayer request form, a form to update your contact information, and a general contact form. You will also find a form that allows you to send feedback regarding this website and we hope you will take the time to use that one and let us know what you think!